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So much has happened in the last 3 years. The one constant is change. How to embrace the changes and stay ahead of the curve?.

Business has made tremendous adjustments to the pressure of a ‘world economy'.

The days of ‘wine and roses' are a dim memory and the stress of survival, and competing while still staying profitable is ever upon corporate arena


There is no general panacea for remaining vibrant in a world atmosphere that has shifted into a high level of uncertainty.


ETR Technology has made many adjustments to the shifting tides. We have added necessary components in order to better serve our clients latest requirements.

Our core value to our customers remains providing the best possible technical talent available in a timely and cost effective manner.


Staffing is key to providing Project Management Support and Training. We are also offering Human Asset Management to complete the very important task of providing our clients with the best most efficient manner of completing the project life cycle.


We strongly serve the IT, Financial, Market Data, Software/Hardware Engineering, market across many sectors of Industry.

Whether it is a PHD with strong experience in research and development, a project manager for product design and development or a programming whiz, ETR is there with the best solution for the situation.


ETR understands the individual needs of the client. There are times when a consultant is the right solution and other times a fulltime employee is the preferred choice or another solution might be a ‘try buy' situation.


A lot of research goes into the background of each client in order to ascertain the very best type of technical expertise and talent required



Embracing change is an absolute function. Determining which change is of benefit is another chapter.


With a quarter of a century in working with clients nation wide it is most important that our clients are made aware of the many choices they have in determining the end results. ETR strives to make sure that the all around best, cost benefit solution is implemented.


ETR has a rich history of ‘putting people in the right place at the right time'. The key to our success is: understanding client needs through strong communication lines, thorough follow up and timing.


Our 25 year business record speaks for itself, when clients turn to ETR again and again for the best in talent and service.


ETR has worked hard to achieve its many successes, but we also are humbled by the fact that clients have many choices. ETR knows that we can never rest on past performance.


My favorite saying is: The difference is in the ‘details'. Get the details, Follow up! Follow Up! The big stuff gets done, but the deal is in the details!


I wish everyone all the best in their 'personal and business' lives.


Diana Shore
President/ CEO


ETR Technology Center
180 Oser Ave.
Hauppauge, NY. 11788

631-952-1300 x 11

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