Our Human Asset Management Practice is based on our ability to determine competencies, develop soft skills and bridge the gap between individual personalities and corporate cultures. Through coaching, training and mentoring we build strong teams that produce measurable improvements that allow our clients to better service their internal and external customers.

ETR Technology Center continually improves its services by maximizing the synergies of our three practices: Staffing Practice, Project Management Practice and Human Asset Management Practice.

The Art & Science of helping corporation manage their employees’ productivity levels at peak levels by developing an atmosphere of ‘moving responsibilities and stake holding’. The success of any corporation depends on the ebb and flow of the people involved in the corporate structure. The belief that the folks are part of the solution not the problem lends itself to productive, creative, pro-change groups that in and of themselves are so motivated to ‘do the corporate good’, that all the barometers and measurements of quality, performance, ROI, rise exponentially .

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