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Extensive research conducted by consulting companies such as Gartner, Forrester, and Standish Group, has resulted in a consistent conclusion – the success of a program or project is directly related to the quality of the Project Management organization leading the effort.

These studies have shown that the delivery of services, for example, in the areas of application development, Information Technology, and physical infrastructure solutions results in one of three potential outcomes:

      • Success
      • Finished but over budget or past due
      • Failure

The alarming statistic is that these studies have also shown that only one third of the projects were completed successfully.

Can a good program/project manager ensure success for every project? No, but a program or project that is led by an experienced Project Manager, using proven methodologies and techniques can improve productivity by 20 – 30% *. This can have a dramatic effect on moving a project from failure to success.

What are some of the skills that a program/project manager must bring to the table to give a project the greatest chance for success? Many skills are obvious, and are embedded in the Program/Project Management discipline utilized throughout many industries.

These general Project Management skills include:

  • Defining Project Requirements
  • Identifying and Analyzing Risk
  • Developing Project Plans
  • Creating Action Item and Accountability Matrixes
  • Communicating Project Status to all team members
  • Managing Project Issues
  • Coordinating Internal and External Resources
  • Establishing and adhering to budgets

*Gartner Report – April 18, 2000

A Program/Project Manager who has a firm grasp of these skills, and can apply them to the programs/projects he/she leads, has a better than average chance of bringing the project to a successful conclusion. Unfortunately, many projects in IT and other high-tech environments have a level of complexity that requires a Project Manager to have more than a solid grasp of the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK®) to ensure project success.

A Gartner report – “What Skills Will Characterize Top Project Managers?” dated August 11, 1999, determined that there are additional skills that are necessary to ensure success in the project management role. These are identified as nonmethodological skills and knowledge areas and include:

    • Knowledge of the impact of the project on the business
    • Knowledge of the enterprise culture and current operating procedures
    • The ability to serve as an advocate for team members.
    • The ability to communicate risks, expectations and success criteria to upper management.
    • The ability to manage customer expectations.

ETR Technology Center has the capability to define a methodology and create tools and processes that support and empower the Project Manager throughout the project life cycle.

Described a different way, the success of the project, and ultimately the Project Manager, hinges on their understanding of the political and business climate that engulf the project.

The skills that a Project Manager must apply to the project to perform successfully in this environment include the following:

  • Clear Business Perspective
    • Know who the project sponsor is.
    • Know why this project is important to the customer.
    • Know how this project fits into the strategic business plan of the customer.
    • Understand strategic direction, and determine how future projects may support the goals.
  • Sensitivity to Political Climate
    • Know how this project fits into current operating environment.
    • Know what organizations may be negatively affected by project implementation.
    • Negotiate resources that may have multiple priorities.
    • Align the project methodologies with current culture and procedures.
    • Be attuned to “outside factors” that if changed, could impact the ongoing project.
  • Leadership
    • Constantly motivate the internal team.
    • Establish an effective rapport with external and internal team members.
    • Effectively communicate with upper management.
    • Delegate, don’t abdicate.
    • Listen and act – do not shoot the messenger. Be a team advocate.
    • Have self-confidence and a strong executive presence.

In summary, program/project management is not only a resource to a project, but a significant factor in the success of the project. The level of success will be affected by many variables both within the control and outside of the influence of the Project Manager. A Program/Project Manager who has the greatest amount of skills in his/her “tool bag” will be the one most likely to bring a project to a successful conclusion.

ETR Technology Center has the capability to assess competencies and customize training that facilitates leadership and an understanding of the PMBOK®. ETR has developed multiple project management tool kits.

  • ETR Technology Center’s Project Management Practice maintains a strong and experienced Program and Project Management team.
    • Experience in multiple industries such as Aviation, Construction, E-Commerce, Engineering Design, Information Technology, Public Safety and Telecommunications.
    • In depth skills to develop and manage a comprehensive project plan.
    • Proven ability to manage or recover projects or programs at risk.
  • ETR’s Project Management Practice can develop a methodology for your company.
    • Structured Methodology = Predictable Results
    • Tools, Processes, and Training in support of the methodology can be developed.
    • Quality Assurance Reviews, Reports and Check sheets are standardized and utilized for internal and external control and feedback.
    • Formalized Change Control procedures result in clear expectations between the Customer and your Company.
  • ETR is staffed with experienced project and program managers. The Project Management Practice includes experts in Operations Management and Quality Systems.
    • ETR can audit a project or program to gauge its health.
    • With our experience and expertise we can help your company develop a Project Management Office (PMO).
    • Our Project Management Practice can provide project control services to the point where ETR becomes your virtual PMO.
    • We can formally assess the maturity of your project management organization.
  • Our Project Management Practice can work with you to obtain ISO 9001 certification.
    • A well-designed quality management system can reduce the learning curve of new hires.
    • A certified quality system for your Project and Program Managers allows management to transfer projects and programs between employees. This ease of transfer is critical for organizations with attrition issues.
    • The Project Management Practice can ensure that your processes, procedures, methodologies and customer records are well documented and maintained.
    • ISO Certification is a key market differentiator particularly when responding to RFQs, RFPs and other business development activities.
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