Our staffing experts have substantial recruitment experience supported by an infrastructure that has developed and been refined through more than twenty years in the industry.

In response to our client's needs, ETR has established practices in engineering, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology areas.

What differentiates ETR Technology Center’s Staffing Practice is that, while other firms simply send candidates for interviews with our client companies, we view candidate selection as just Stage I. We screen all the candidates in Stage II to validate their skills and experience. Stage II can be extended, for clients who request it, to include a background screen that verifies the data points in the candidates resume.

Stage III is a personal screen by one of our recruiters to assure a fit with our client companies corporate culture and values. Stage IV are the interviews of our candidate by the hiring managers. Stage V is a follow up with our client to ensure that our candidate solution meets all requirements and needs. Stage VI is documenting the best practices and lessons learned from the placement.
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